Buy Dog Training Pads That Have These Features

Buy Dog Training Pads That Have These Features

Buy Dog Training Pads That Have These Features

10 March 2023
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When you have a puppy, there are all sorts of pet supplies that can make your life easier. One product that many people buy is a package of dog training pads. These pads absorb urine, giving your dog a spot to relieve itself during times that you aren't able to take it outside. It's handy to have a dog pad on the floor in your home, but you want to be sure that you buy the right type of pads. There are many of these products on the market, and when you buy pet products online, be sure to choose a product that has these features.

Adhesive Strips

You want to ensure that the dog pads you buy are equipped with a few adhesive strips on the bottom of each pad. This simple feature allows you to stick the pad to the floor in an area of your choosing. Without the adhesive strips, the pad might slide around a bit when your dog walks onto it, which could make the pet feel uneasy about relieving itself. Additionally, if your pet has a lot of energy and sometimes runs around your home, it could slip and potentially fall while running across a pad that slides because it isn't stuck to the floor.

Plastic Border

Be sure to check out the design of the border of a few dog pad products. Some pads have a plastic-coated border around the perimeter of the pad. This area is designed to prevent urine from leaking out of the pad and onto the floor. When you're using these pads, the last thing you want is to have a mess to clean up. You can be confident that a pad that has a plastic border won't leak over the course of the day.

Odor Elimination

You should also choose dog pads that have some type of odor elimination product in them. Your puppy may urinate on the pad several times over the course of the day, and you don't want the pad to smell badly. An odor elimination product will help to keep the pad smelling fresh. This can be ideal if you often have guests over to your home. You might feel embarrassed if they walk into your home and can smell urine from the pad. When your pads have an odor elimination product, you won't have this worry. Browse the dog training pads for sale at an online pet supply store. 

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