Should Your Puppy Be Taking Supplements?

Should Your Puppy Be Taking Supplements?

Should Your Puppy Be Taking Supplements?

3 June 2020
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A new puppy brings a lot of excitement to your home. These young canines can demand your attention for all kinds of reasons, and you are likely more than happy to supply whatever they need to be happy and healthy. While a growing puppy probably won't have many complaints about eating pretty much whatever you give them, supplements can still be a vital part of puppy nutrition. Your veterinarian can point you to some of the better pet supplement distributors to get the products your specific puppy needs. However, there are a few reasons why puppies may need to take some kind of nutritional supplement.

Some puppies are prone to joint issues as they grow

Some dogs, especially those that are larger breeds, can be prone to joint development issues as they grow. Some puppies grow so quickly that it can lead to weakened bone structures, for example. Giving your puppy a good nutritional supplement that is rich in calcium and magnesium will help support the development of strong bones when your young canine goes through its major growth spurts. Hip and elbow dysplasia are a few examples of bone and joint development issues as well that need proper nutritional support. 

Puppies don't always get everything they need from food alone

Even though your playful pup may eat just about anything that you sit before it, that doesn't always mean they are getting everything they need from what they are eating. Feeding your puppy high-quality dog food and avoiding an excessive amount of treats or human foods is always recommended, but even then, it is good to provide a dog supplement to make sure the puppy is getting a well-rounded diet. This is especially important if you have a puppy that has had issues with tapeworm or roundworms, which can affect how much nutrition the puppy has been getting from its food. 

Some puppies have special nutritional needs

Certain dog breeds can have very specific nutritional needs because their bodies can be more prone to vitamin or nutritional deficiencies. For example, Beagles and Australian Shepherds can be prone to vitamin B12 deficiency. Likewise, some canine breeds need specific nutrients to thwart the risks of certain health conditions that are specific to the breed. For instance, dogs prone to eye health problems may need a pet supplement that can help lower the chances of having eye health issues. 

If your puppy could use some extra nutrition, contact a pet supplement supplier near you.

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